Luke 5:3 Thrust Out A Little. Here Jesus begins setting forward His ministry with demonstration of His divine power.

Notice the the ship was empty, but Jesus filled it (not yet with fish but Himself). We need to empty ourselves of our flesh and give Jesus room to sit down on the throne of our lives.

Then see that He only said to venture out a little ways. Just a little faith. Healing, forgiveness, salvation: these are just the tip of the iceberg with God. What if we just had a little faith in God? Test Him. Push out a little from shore and see what He can do.

He “taught” them, this is the key. When we follow Him we will see amazing things, that are no difficulty for Him but are impossible for us. Here the nets broke with fish (picture of men) and sunk the boat, lepers were healed, lame were raised, sins were forgiven, and lives were changed. Have a good’n! -PB