Pastor Bo

Born in Arkansas, Bo was raised in a preacher’s home and moved often in his younger days.  While living in Ashland Oregon Bo was saved in Newport Oregon in March 1986 while his dad, Rex, was preaching a revival meeting there.  

Bo attended the University of Arkansas, and it was during this time that he meet Jaime.  Through committing himself to love God first and foremost, as commanded in Matthew 22:36-40 (which became his life verse), Bo surrendered to God’s call on his life to preach in May 1996.  Bo and Jaime were married in May 1997.  The Smith’s served alongside Bo’s parents in Arkansas for several years as Assistant Pastor, and Christian School Administrators.  It was during this time that Bo was ordained into the Gospel ministry.  

In December 2002 through some trial, struggle, and surrender the young Smith family moved to Knoxville Tennessee to seek God’s future will for their lives.  They joined Cedar Ridge Baptist Church under Pastor Larry Brannon.  In time, they were serving as youth workers and soul winning coordinators.  In December 2003 Bo had an opportunity to preach a revival meeting in Newport for Pastor Therron Kraft at Trinity Baptist Church (the church he was saved in).  While there God began to burden Bo’s heart for the people of Lincoln County.  After much prayer, fasting, and hard preaching in April 2004 Bo submitted to God’s will to move the family to Waldport Oregon to start a new church with their three children, Allen, BreeAnn, and Charity. 

In the time since starting LIBC, first as a mission point, then as an autonomous church, Bo also works an outside job to help support his family and the church work.  Through the changes and challenges, God has been faithful and true to His call.  God has given the Smiths joy unspeakable in service, a home among the people of Waldport and Lincoln County friends, and an ever increasing desire to see the people of this area know the love of Jesus Christ.